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I participated in the Penticton Yoga Weekend with a friend in June 2018. Shannon is knowledgeable, patient and an excellent teacher.  It was an amazing weekend, with a great group of ladies. My favorite part was doing yoga at a local winery, I remember the class was just ending and the sun was starting to come out, the views at the winery were stunning.I would absolutely go on another retreat in the future, and hope that I get the chance to.

Jacquie, Sept 2018

Both my kids  thoroughly enjoyed your classes and because of scheduling conflicts were unable to continue for as long as we wished. I would like to say how extremely difficult it is to find teachers who can teach children with so much care patience and understanding.  You were the best example of what they learnt from your teachings and I truly appreciate the time you spent teaching my kids yoga and about the hidden learnings of mastery over self ….virtues they still quote today eg asteya . (smile).We were very glad to have met you and shared that time with you.With sincere appreciation for all you do to teach and guide our children so they can find that better place mentally and physically.
Sharon, March 2018


This is my first year at Yoga. I am an old fart so I go to Chair Yoga with Shannon. We have a very pleasant happy group and she helps us if we have problems. I find this class helps me both physically and mentally, so I wish there was another Chair Yoga during the week.

Max, May 2017


I have visited yoga studios in many cities. Riverwise Studio stands out due to the warm and friendly atmosphere. The Restorative classes I take with Shannon are professional and always include modification options. Shannon concludes each class with some enlightening comments, along with tea and chocolate, who could ask for anything more. 

Brenda May 2017

I have been doing yoga off and on for quite a while.  I’ve been to a lot of different type of yoga studios from the “workout” type yoga, to the “relaxing” type of yoga, and even to hot yoga.  Through my yoga journey I have found that I was looking for more than just the typical yoga classes.  I was looking for something more balanced between physical and mental.  I needed a more personal type of atmosphere whereby I would feel completely at ease and fully supported by both the teachers and the studio itself.  This place for me is Riverwise Yoga.  Shannon and her team provide the utmost caring and professional service with their yoga classes.  One can attend a class knowing they are fully taken care of and that their individual needs are met as they are a priority for Shannon and her team.  I would highly recommend this studio if your looking for a truly well balanced yoga experience.  
Mindy, May 2017

Two years ago I found Riverwise Yoga.  It took me two years to find, because I was looking for a studio that was built on relationships; I had retired and I was missing the relationships that I had in my work.  The moment I walked into the studio I knew it was meant for me.  The atmosphere was calm, restful, peaceful.  The first yoga instructor I met was Shannon.  She was so reassuring.  I had a hip injury and she knew I was in the right place.  I started at a class that was for 50+ years with Carol as an instructor.  I then started to go to Stretch and Restore and also the Restorative class with Shannon.  Both classes have been so beneficial to my health and well-being.  I have tried a few other classes and I know that I need to step up my game with classes for strength.  That will come in time.  I love the overall atmosphere of the studio.  All the instructors that I have met have been helpful.  I am learning in my classes the art of exercise, the art of breath and the art mediation; I am learning. I love coming to Riverwise Yoga.
  Lynn, May 2017

My daughter and I have loved going to yoga classes at Riverwise. It’s so homey and comfortable and so relaxing. We both love Shannon, she makes yoga feel natural even when you are a beginner.
Martha, May 2017

I had the pleasure of attending yoga classes with many of the caring teachers at Riverwise. It was always a very welcoming and comforting experience. Unfortunately I broke my wrist so have not been able to attend lately but would recommend the caring, attentive and encouraging teachers at Riverwise Yoga.

Karen, May 2017

Totally new to yoga with many misconceptions about the activity itself, the poses and transitions into and out of them and no idea about instructors.  Thank you Shannon for working with a complete novice and providing me with the guidance and support that has made yoga a big hit for me.  I am hooked!

Bob, May 2017

My husband and I are new to the Riverwise family.  We quickly felt welcome and we especially like the small group experience.  We attend the roll and release class and it’s a perfect addition to our mobility team.  I especially like how Shannon adds a playfulness to this practice.
Barb & Bob, May 2017

I’ve been coming to see Shannon for restorative yoga.  I love coming to the studio and being treated by such a lovely person.  I leave the session always feeling 100% better than I did coming in.  My mind and body is relaxed and Shannon is very knowledgeable and demonstrates a passion for yoga! Keep up the fabulous work and I look forward to having her help me heal.

Sue, May 2017


My experience with Shannon and the instructors at Riverwise has been a great one. Most of my yoga experience has been with Shannon. She is always in good humour, very attentive and helpful. Shannon always ends each session perfectly, leaving me feel relaxed and blissful. I have gone to Riverwise to exercise and to relax; and whatever I am there to do, I am always very satisfied and rejuvenated. I hope Riverwise stands the test of time (like I know it will) and is part of the community for a great many years.
 Chris, May 2017


After spending almost 2 years going thru breast cancer surgeries, Chemo and radiation I was left with a number of physical issues. From various reading material and speaking with my physio therapist it seemed a gentle yoga class would be a good fit. I tried classes at 3 different studios before attending a class with Shannon at Riverwise. Since that first class I have never looked back. Shannon is a wonderful instructor. She is very intuitive and offers up many options to assist you with poses. She has made suggestions to me on what I could do at home to help gain strength in problem areas. Her calm and kind personality is an added bonus and I always look forward to attending her classes. I have finally found someone that I feel I can learn from and improve my yoga practice.
Tracy, May 2017


Since discovering this gem of a studio last year, my yoga classes have quickly become some of my favorite times of the week. It is amazing the changes I have seen in my physical and mental well-being as well as seeing how much my body has changed and opened up with my practice. I never thought I would be a person who loved yoga or would ever be able to touch my toes!!! I am so grateful for this space and for Shannon, for igniting a love for yoga within me 🙂
Jaskirn, May 2017


I’ve been taking classes at Riverwise Yoga Studio since September 2016. I was a bit nervous to try Yoga as I’d never taken it before and I have a lower back injury. I’m very happy to say that since starting Yoga and attending regularly I have almost no more back pain. I took several beginner class series to start and now take gentle yoga and flow classes. I have enjoyed all the classes and how the different series have helped me progress. I really like the small classes and supportive atmosphere. Not only has Yoga really helped my physical condition but I also really enjoy the calming and peaceful state that I feel after a Yoga class. I highly recommend Riverwise Yoga Studio!

Simon, Age 55, May 2017

Hi.  My husband surprised me with 4 prenatal classes at Riverwise yoga as he knows I am passionate about my yoga classes though I was well into my pregnancy and couldn’t do my regular yoga routines any longer. I was delighted to meet other bellies in the prenatal yoga class and the teacher Nevin is just wonderful. She made me feel at ease, comfortable and her soothing voice coaching the class through the modified yoga movements was just what I needed. I loved the way she taught breathing exercises and how she told us to connect with our bodies and with our “growing babies” inside our bellies. The dim lighting with the light candles, the bolsters, the blankets & even the tea offering at the end of every class was amazing.  I completed my 4 classes, then I signed up for another 4 classes! Nevin you are just wonderful, your soft voice and calm nurturing demeanor makes me want to come back and sign up again soon. Thank you Riverwise yoga! Prenatal yoga classes were taken February-March 2017. I had my baby at the end of April 2017.
Melanie B, May 2017



Riverwise Yoga is such a beautiful community of teachers and students that has grown over the last few years. Shannon is amazing because she is able to connect with each person who walks through the doors at Riverwise Yoga. She has created a space that allows others to tune-in to their bodies and find their own inner guidance.

Nicole, May 2017