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Accepting orders for the Riverwise Yoga Home Restorative Practice Books!

The books are ordered in small batches, as needed.  There are 20 pages of simple, easy to follow poses for practicing at home. All you need is a bolster (or rolled up pillow or blanket) and any other support items you want or need. The picture will show you were to place the prop and the text will offer some variations on the placement of your arms and or legs. If you practiced with me in studio or on retreat you will find the language familiar and the poses deeply restorative. You can practice the postures in any order, for any length of time. Trust your instincts and let the ideas in the book guide your path to relaxation. Remember, the most important step is to first recognize that taking the time to relax is important for you health and overall energy. If it feels good, it is.


Please pay by e-tranfer. New store coming soon!

Send and email with your shipping address to riverwiseyoga@gmail.com and I will send you an invoice for your total with taxes and shipping.