Private (Individual or Group) Yoga


  • In Studio: several local studios and gyms offer short term rentals for private classes, contact Shannon to find out which one is closest to you!
  •  In Home/Office: fit yoga into your home or work place, contact Shannon to find out if your space will work for a private yoga session!.

Some Benefits of A Private Yoga Lesson

  1. Great for Beginner’s! Ask lots of questions. Trust your teacher, they have heard and seen it all!
  2. Learn to adapt poses around injuries or limitations, get more detailed explanations on the use of props.
  3. Create your own home practice sequence! Target what you need more of – whether it’s mental, emotional, spiritual or physical work.
  4. Define a specific goal (one particular pose you really want to experience or maybe meditation?)
  5. Receive guidance in which style of yoga is best for you right now.
  6. Get the benefits of a regular class without having to search for group classes that meet your needs!

To book a private booking (Individual or Group Class),  email Shannon at

Corporate Yoga Classes, Team Building Events, Resident Care Homes, Schools, Sports Teams

Schools and athletes find that Yoga can make a big difference in their academics and physical performance. Many companies are incorporating Yoga into their Health and Wellness programs because of the increased productivity of their employees. Yoga can be adapted for all ages and abilities and is a great group activity for school field trips, workplace wellness, senior homes, community rooms, and sports teams! Yoga offers the mind-body- connection that helps to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and breath awareness.

Things to Consider:

  1. Find out if there is interest in Yoga,( this is key to a successful Yoga class), and ask what the participants feel they need from Yoga ( stress relief, relief of stiff muscles, developing balance, strength, or flexibility for their job and/or lifestyle). These are important questions! Your Yoga teacher will need to know to develop your class or series.
  2.  Ensure you have access to a space that is open and clutter-free for a Yoga class. Each yoga mat is approximately 2 feet wide by 6 feet long. Mats should be spaced and placed in lines or in a circle with enough room to spread the arms.
  3. Decide as a group what the best time of day is to have the yoga class, morning, lunchtime, or evening). Decide how many sessions to book, ( at least 6 weeks is recommended, one or two times a week). Decide on how long each session should be, a minimum of 45 minutes is recommended.
  4.  Everyone participating should have personal time with the Yoga Teacher to do a pre-assessment and then check back often to monitor and track progress. Things to assess include stress level, ability to focus and finish tasks, creativity, and quality of interpersonal relationships. Physical changes can also be monitored by assessing strength, flexibility, and balance. Some of these will be assessed individually and some by the teacher.

To book a corporate yoga series or team-building event please email Shannon at