Melaque, Mexico November 2017

Mexico in November 2017

We all need a chance to break away from the routine and go on holidays. Why not add yoga to your holiday?? Join me in Melaque, Mexico this November 2017!

Date Range: November 1 to November 10, 2017

Location: Hacienda de Melaque, Melaque, Mexico

A block of rooms have been reserved under “Riverwise Yoga”. I recommend booking directly through the hotel website in order to receive our group discount of 35%. An additional 10 % is offered for those who pay cash on arrival (in pesos). Email to reserve your room here. If you prefer to book a room somewhere else in town, please go ahead, you will be welcome to join the yoga class at Hacienda de Melaque. If you are travelling alone and would like to share a room, please contact me so I can arrange a roommate for you.

Fee: $250 CDN per person (Couples are $450) Payable in CDN dollars prior to arriving in Mexico. Payable by cash, cheque, e-transfer or Credit Card.

The $250 fee includes up to 3 yoga classes per day for one week (Nov 2 – Nov 9). You will receive a welcome gift and opportunities to join day trips to local beaches. I am also available for those looking for some private or semi-private yoga sessions during the week. I will also arrange for childminding if you are travelling with your family.Group outings and meals will be offered to explore the local beaches and restaurants. Refreshments after yoga will be provided. I will be your resource, your problem solver, your yoga teacher ,your activities coordinator. You will have the freedom to make this holiday whatever you need!

 Yoga Itinerary (Offered Daily from Nov 2 – Nov 9 )

Classes will be held outdoors in the shade of  a palapia at Hacienda de Melaque. The palapia is very close to your room, the washrooms and the pool. The flooring is tile/cobblestone so please bring a nice thick yoga mat and a yoga towel if you have one. If you regularly use a block or strap, please bring them with you.

9:00 am – 10:15 am Morning Vinyasa  Flow Yoga

For those who want to move and sweat in the cool morning air so you don’t have to feel bad about the Margarita’s and Guacamole later in the day! This will be an All Levels class. Variations and modifications will be offered for those who want to play with more challenging postures or for those who are working with limitations or injuries. It will be lighthearted and playful!



10:30 am – 11:30 am Oops I Slept In Gentle Hatha with Deep Stretch 

Sleeping in is ok! You are on holidays!! What a great way to work out any stiff muscles or tension you might have brought with you on holiday! We will explore gentle Hatha poses with lots of twists  and breath work so you are limber and ready to tackle the local beaches and cobble stone streets! All Levels class for EVERYONE!




5:00 pm – 6:15 pm Mexican Siesta Yoga ( Deep Stretch and Restore)

Reasonably good chance you have a sunburn and are a couple beers in by now! No worries! We will spend the whole class on the ground stretching, breathing and resting! A good long savasana to restore your energy for the Mexican evening to follow!





I’m in! How do I get started?

  1. Email and arrange to pay the $250 fee ($450 for couples) in Canadian dollars to save your spot!
  2. Email the Hacienda de Melaque to choose your room (ask for the Riverwise Yoga group booking discount of 35%)
  3. Book your flight to Manzanillo .
  4. Relax and count the days down to November!

How do I get to Melaque?

You can fly into Manzanillo airport (ZLO) or into Puerto Vallarta (PVR) and then bus or drive down to Melaque (4.5 hr drive). Please email if you would like to be notified of flight options and sales. If you have points to use or have a preferred carrier, please book at your convenience.

How do I get from the airport in Manzanillo to Melaque?

Taxi Cabs will be available outside the airport, it will cost about $40 to $50 CDN to get to Melaque. Please bring Pesos to pay for taxis (available at airport currency exchange in Canada). If you are travelling alone or nervous, please let me know your arrival date and I will coordinate to meet you, arrange a driver or another traveler to ride with. Print off the address to the hotel so you can hand it to the driver.

Is food included?

No. Eating out or shopping local is very affordable. I recommend picking up local fruit, yogurt, bread etc to have in your room for breakfast. There are many restaurants very close to Hacienda de Melaque or on the beach for lunch and dinner. There is a little store across from the lobby of Hacienda de Melaque to purchase water, cold drinks, ice cream, fruit, bread, snack items, ice etc.



Can I drink the tap water?

I wouldn’t. The hotel has large water dispensers on each of the floors for filling water bottles etc. I keep water bottles at the sinks for brushing teeth and drinking. In the kitchen I wash dishes in soap and bleach ( vinegar would work too) and then rinse with purified water. Bottled water is very affordable and readily available.

What method of payment or currency should I use??

Pesos. There are several banks in town that you can use to take out pesos with either your debit card or credit card.

Is this a family friendly holiday??

Absolutely! We can’t all afford to do a personal yoga retreat and also a family holiday, why not combine both?? Melaque was a great place for my kids to explore and the Hacienda de Melaque has a big soccer field, a basketball court, a  Volleyball Court, a Playground for younger children and a big pool with shade and sun. My son Zack (age 15 years) can provide childminding for your children who are 5 years of age and up. He will organize sports and games to keep them busy and safe while you do yoga or enjoy an evening out! Please let me know prior to arrival if you require childminding.

I have never done yoga before? Will I be OK to join??

Absolutely! I recommend joining the 10:30 and/or 5:00 pm classes. You can also set an hour or two aside for a private consultation ( no charge) prior to the first class. I will show the poses we will be doing and you can ask lots of questions while I offer adaptations or modifications.

What kind of day trips or activities are available?

A short taxi ride can take us to  Barra de Navidad, Cuastecomates or La Manzanilla,  small beach side villages with swimming, snorkeling, wildlife, restaurants and shopping.