About Shannon

I have been practicing yoga for over 16 years and teaching yoga full-time for the past 10 years. I have been married for 24 years and I have two boys aged 22 and 15.

I opened Riverwise Yoga Studio (located at #4 14885 60th Avenue, Surrey, BC) in September of 2014. In June 2017 I decided to move Riverwise Yoga out of this location. Spring of 2018  my family and business moved back to the Okanagan of BC.

Even though I am not a natural athlete and have very little experience with sports or trained movement I was drawn to the physical practice of Yoga. It seemed to be the perfect combination of dance, gymnastics, and martial arts movement that I enjoyed watching. As someone who gets bored easily, yoga has held my interest and allowed me to feel confident and genuinely interested in exploring my abilities. Yoga has made me strong, flexible, and confident. I choose my practice based on my mood, my energy, and my intention.  It is never boring.

Yoga has introduced me to meditation, conscious relaxation, and philosophy. I take what I need from the teachings and practice it. Yogic Philosophy is my “go-to guide” for decision-making, values, and comfort. I incorporate meditation and relaxation into my everyday life. I have developed a positive mindset. I am calmer and more patient with my family and  I look after myself better than ever.


My support system of friends, family, and peers has been small in the past. Yoga has given me a community that is strong and widespread! I have met interesting people and made my best friends. I now have a strong network of students, peers, and mentors from around the world. I know that no matter where I find myself, I can go to a yoga class and meet wonderful, interesting people that will become a great source of friendship, support, and guidance.


I find teaching yoga to be fun, incredibly challenging, and very rewarding. Teaching yoga is similar to raising my children. I have to be willing to learn, adapt, ask for help, say “I’m sorry”, love, and then let go of expectations.

Recently I was able to join two volunteer organizations, North Okanagan Hospice Society and The City of Vernon Emergency Support Services. I am so proud to be of service. I am also interested in the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship and hope to participate in events that help to preserve our natural habitat. As a passionate backpacker and hiker, I value sustainability projects and the preservation of our parks and wildlife.

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga I work for Magicblood Media. I am a proofreader, editor, and creative writer for Fantasy books sold on Amazon and Kindle. I love the creativity of writing. It also allows me the flexibility to be involved in my son’s busy schedule, volunteer, manage my home, enjoy my dog, and spend time with my husband. I feel incredibly fortunate.




I hope that you will trust me to guide your practice. My classes are an offering of what I believe to be true, based on my own experience and my own interpretation. I will welcome you warmly, I will try to make you laugh, (at least once), and I will encourage and guide you to find your path.


With Gratitude, Shannon

Training and Yoga Education/Interests:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with SHIBUI YOGA, White Rock, BC, 2014
  •  Advanced Arm Balancing &  Ashtanga Primary Series with Kino McGregor, Vancouver, April 2014
  •  Advanced Practice with Meghan Currie, Vancouver, July 2014
  • Whistler Wanderlust Festival, Whistler, August 2014
  • Restorative Yoga Training with Carol Wray, Langley, BC, Sept 2014
  • Wanderlust Festival, Oahu, HI, Feb 2015
  • Whistler Wanderlust Festival, Whistler, BC, July 2015
  • Whistler Wanderlust Festival, Whistler, BC Aug 2016
  • “Letters from the Yoga Masters” Retreat with Mugs McConnell, Sorrento, BC, October 2016
  • Victoria Yoga Conference, Victoria, BC, Feb 2017
  • Skill in Action: Advanced Teacher Intensive with Natalie Rousseau, Chilliwack, BC, April 2017
  • Yoga Wisdom with Doug Keller, Sorrento, BC, June 2017
  • Whistler Wanderlust Festival, Whistler, BC, August 2017
  • Skill in Action, Dan Clement, White Rock, BC, February 2018
  • Soya Annual Retreat, Dr Ananda, Sorrento, June 2018
  •  300 Hr SOYA training, Penticton, BC Sept 2019 – June 2020